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What are the Best Outdoor String Lights?

Thinking of ways to revamp your backyard for the coming of Spring? Have you been watching HGTV or looking at Pinterest for #inspo?

Las Vegas Christmas Lights handles more than just holidays! We are the #1 Custom LED Light Installation Company in the Las Vegas Valley. We handle everything from event lights, to casino displays, but as Vegas Locals, we can't deny our passion to light up the homes of our neighbors! Who installs lighting in Las Vegas? We do!

So, what's the best way to give your outdoor living space makeover? You guessed it- bistro lights! Years ago we would find these bulbous strings in cozy cafes, or during al fresco dinner dates on the town. If you've attended an outdoor wedding in the last few years, chances are the beautiful reception was illuminated by #BistroLights. The bistro light craze has now moved into many backyards.

With our gorgeously warm Las Vegas nights during the Spring months many of us locals spend more time outside than inside, and with the right lighting our backyard becomes our private oasis. The thing we love about bistro lights is the nuance. We custom cut, place, and hang your lights to add #highlights to your outdoor living space. Placement is key to giving your yard the peaceful (or party) effect you're looking for.

One of the benefits to having bistro lights in your yard would also quite practical. Spotlights can be bought at any home improvement store, though they add security to your yard when set to motion detectors, they can be blinding and unattractive when trying to entertain guests. With bistro lights we can run strings in places that need the most light, while letting the excess light lightly and romantically illuminate the surrounding areas. This brings light and visibility where needed without sacrificing romantic or cozier aesthetics.

On a more personal note, we must admit our bias to desert landscaping. People from out of town don't always thing that we Las Vegas Locals know anything about gardens. On the contrary, Las Vegas (The Meadows, if you will) has some of the most inviting and lively landscaping there is. Our succulent game is quite strong in these parts, and due to the blazing sun, we get some amazing colors in our vegetation. We like to extenuate these colors with contrasting gravel, and decorative tiles. This Spring let Las Vegas Christmas Lights help you keep those colors bright before you plan your first barbeque!

See something you like? We'll be happy to make your inspo a reality! We suggest Pinterest or for more inspiration. We're also happy to come take a look at the area you'd like to be #LIT and come up with lighting design plan for you!

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